Ferocerium Rods How To Get Them Cheaper And Better.

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    Ferocerium rods how to get them cheaper and better.

    I recently bought 6 5/32 X 3” rods for $1.82 off eBay. I make and give these to friends and consider them about the best way to there is to always have fire making covered. I take the rods and put handles on them. The little handles are made from fat wood or as some call it lighter pine. I drill and glue the rod in then drill a hole across the end for a lanyard cord. I make that cord out of three strand jute and also on it I make a little bundle of it so you will always have something to catch your sparks and start your fire. For a striker I usually sharpen and put a military P-38 can opener on the lanyard along with a piece of hacksaw blade. The entire thing is easily pocket size and it never fails due to getting wet or old or out of fuel like matches and lighters do. It is a lot easier to master then striking with flint and steel because the sparks are hotter(up to 3,000 °C / 5,430 °F), last longer and don't require quite as fine or dry a tinder to start the spark into a coal or flame. They end up costing less than a dollar if you delete the P-38 but I get those in mass as well to give away.

    To start a fire with it you cut of a small piece of the jute twine. I use about 1 inch/2.4 CM then I un twist it to make a nest. I then shave off a few little shavings from the fat wood handle and add them to the little pile. You need to have some little twigs and dry leaves to feed it and then some larger pieces to turn the little fire into a camp fire. You place the striker above the nest and then put the rod under it. You get the sparks by moving the rod away from the nest rather than the striker towards it so that your nest isn't hit and scattered.

    The rod comes with paint on it so before you use it you need to strike it several times to get the paint or whatever it is off. Then the sparks should fly. It will also take off on toilet paper or cotton balls. I have all sized rods up to one that is 1/2"/12.7 mm by about 100mm long on an elk horn handle. Even that was not very expensive and will like thousands and thousands of fires.

    Don't buy them, make your own and have them in every possible place that you might be where you might need a fire.

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