Find A Place To Survival In Romania

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by SiebeGeerts, May 14, 2019.

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    I want to survive this summer in Romania with a friend. We want to stay 4 days in the wood with only a firestick, a jar to boil water, a knife and some rope.

    This is the first time that we do that out of our own country, Belgium. So i have 3 questions and i hope i can find answers here.

    1) We want to search a place where we can stay for 4 days. The plan is to take a plane to Boekarest, then take a train and than hike to a place far from civilization. Do someone knows a place? Where can I find spot like this?

    2) For our safety we want to take a bear spray with us. We can’t take bear spray with us on the plane. Is there a shop in Boekarest where you can buy it? I have search on internet but I can’t find it.

    3) Do someone know a site where you can buy good map that we can use?

    Thanks in advance,

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