Finding water: clues on Terrain

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    Water always goes downwards, is suggested to look in the valleys where is usually the most effective place to find water. Look upon lively green vegetation. All habitats have at least a few plants that grow only where there is water, it is important to recognize them. Although sometimes you will not spot a river basin in these areas, you can try to make a hole, we can hope find some not too deep underground.

    In the rocky dry areas, It could be difficult to find water but if a recent rainfall occurs, then they will prove to be a reliable source since rain water accumulates in the hollow rocks forming a temporal small pond. In chalky soil, if we spot a cave, we could find water inside. In volcanic areas, the lava rocks are porous which allow springs emerge, we must look around the valley.

    In a tundra bioma, We can get water melting some ice or snow. Ice is better because it allows us to get twice as much water with less heat. If we have to melt snow,is just best to melt a small amount first and then go throwing small amounts of snow on the water.
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    Thank you for sharing this advice... It's the absolute most important thing we need to survive and often people think that as long as you know how to clean the water, you will be fine - but sometimes finding water is the problem. People don't realise that you can find water in almost any environment, as long as you know where to look. And it doesn't matter whether you're in a hot or cold environment, you still need to drink plenty of water. Some people think that if they aren't sweating they won't need to drink as much, but that's not true as water escapes your body in other ways than just sweating and urination.

    Dehydration can start within 6 hours of not drinking, especially if you're exerting yourself, so knowing how to locate water is so important.
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    I must disagree in regards to rocky areas being more difficult to find water. Rocky areas are no different to anywhere else. There are creeks & rivers & header streams in rocky areas. Rocky areas are found on high ground & low ground. Large rocks are great for holding water after rain.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    All water holes on rock.
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    Hey, thanks. I just realized I overlooked something like that. Hollow rocks formations are fairly common and water can be gathered there after a recent rainfall. I'll correct my previous post claim.
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