Fire From Ice

Discussion in 'All Resources About Fire' started by Xilkozuf, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Xilkozuf

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    Fire is always useful, but if you are in the wild in winter it's even more necessary. Along with many other resources, ice can help in specific circumstances. You just need to find a clean piece of ice (maybe from the ice covering a lake or a river, or even a puddle) and shape it with a knife to make it resemble a magnifying glass. Then the method is the same as using a magnifying glass.
    It's just another way to use the resources that nature offer us.
  2. SirJoe

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    I don't know if it would work but if you are in a tight spot anything is worth a try. I don't know if the drops from the melting ice would kill the fire before it would have the chance to really start burning.
  3. Ystranc

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    I have serious doubts that this could work even if you could achieve a polished convex surface. Would winter sunlight be strong enough?
  4. Keith H.

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    All sounds very simple, but it isn't. You need knowledge & experience. Knowledge of plant & fungi tinders, & how/where to find dry kindling in a wet environment. Being able to make fire is an important skill, one worthy of spending time on learning & practicing.
  5. GS AutoTech

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    This method "can" work. But as said it's very very difficult & subject to perfect conditions. Which when is dire survival mode, rarely exist.
  6. Deathisue

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    That can be done? I find it very difficult, I think it would be very difficult to get the right conditions to run it, I still have a lot to learn but I see this something interesting, but from what I read above it is very difficult to do.
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