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    When there is a fire in the vicinity, the first thing to do is to check on the fire. Make a visual inspection so you could determine the distance. Second course of action is make a list in your mind the priorities. Like for us, it is the human life and the pet's l ife as well that should be given priority. Next are the valuables like documents, jewelry, money and any other valuable in the safe or cabinet. Third in the list are the appliances. But again, the human and animal life should be given emphasis that it is okay to lose the valuables as long as the lives are spared of the risk.

    One problem when there is fire is the proliferation of people who are curious. Those bystanders are sometimes looters. So do not trust any of the bystanders especially if they are strangers. It is good if there are several people in the house for at least there would be someone to guard the valuables outside of the house. The scenario of fire is a call for action so decisions need to be immediate. Again, presence of mind is paramount in this case.
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    Also remember to lay crouch on the floor as a last resort to prevent smoke suffocation, because fire's smoke will go upwards since it is hotter and less heavy than the air . Therefore, while moving around a blazing place without firefighter gear, is just better to crawl.
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    First is to check your place for fire!
    then security!
    If the fire is coming to your place you should already have a fire standby plan to activate!
    Something along the lines of fill and water storage areas like bath tubs, drums buckets etc! water the lawns, wet down anything that can burn, wet the roof etc
    Use as much water as you can as it may go off !
    A wet lawn is great to quickly lay on if the heat gets too much! and it will absorb a lot of radient heat before getting over hot!
    Hosing the roof and getting the gutters wet is a good idea as well to stop embers being a problem!
    Do not go gawking leaving your place unattended.

    I am surrounded on three sides by high trees and bushland, in the dry spring/summer months I regularly hose the roof and surrounds as a precaution.
    Any time there is a fire warning I go through a routine that involves water containers and hosing down vulnerable areas!
    I could not keep the gutters clear of dry leaves so I removed them and they are no longer a problem.
    I have built a few small earth embanked retaining walls as radient heat shields so I can move around outside in relative safety and keep my firefighting gear useable!
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