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    When it comes to surviving with a fire, it is important to know how to have a safe fire. Fire safety entails a few things. One is making sure that your fire will not get out of hand catching fire to your shelter or campsite. The second is making sure that your fire is not where the wind can blow hot embers all over an innocent bystander or into the surrounding area sparking a wildfire. When you are in the wild, you may not have water on hand to use for putting out a fire so taking the necessary precautions to prevent your fire from spreading before it starts is very important.
    One way of making sure your fire does not spread is to dig out a pit to have your fire in that is recessed slightly into the ground. Surround this pit with several rocks making a fire circle or fire ring. This shape can be done in a triangle, a square or any other shape that you desire. Upon burning your fire as your embers build up be sure to remove the old ash and discard in a hole where it can fertilize the ground, and you can be assured it will not have any hot embers to spark a fire. Making sure that your fire is not close to any flammable sources is also of utmost importance. Sometimes common sense things are commonly overlooked. When working with fire always take the time to be diligent and thoughtful. When working with fire becomes playing with fire that's when people get burned.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was not aware that digging out a pit and making the fire that way is best. I have been around fireplaces before and they did not have a pit but the sparks were flying everywhere and almost caught someone's jacket on fire. This info totally makes sense. Next time I plan to make a fire or see someone who is doing one I will share that knowledge. Thanks for sharing.
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    Why remove the hot coals?
    Afew fire rules!
    Only make the fire big enough for your needs!
    CLEAR at least 1meter around the fire of anything burnable, if you have a spade/digging tool scrape that meter down to bare earth!
    Circle your fire on three sides with rocks.
    Bafore you start the fire set a few rocks so you can securely set your pots/pans on them on the level!
    Keep the front reasonably clear so any handles do not melt or get too hot!
    Have some rocks off fire to set hot pans on.
    Keep the fire manned as it is when no one is looking that trouble slips in.

    After letting the fire go low you can save it for the morning if you put a single large log on top! it should smoulder all night and with a bit of tinder/small sticks and
    a bit of a stir the residual heat should fire up quickly! add more small wood to needs!

    When finished use spread out coals and the fire will cool and die out!
    Fill tin with now cold coals to help start next one!

    Adding a few drops of kero/diesel/petrol etc onto the cold coals is a great booster to start fires, just a few drops though!
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