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  1. jonthai

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    what are some fast ways to start fire? No matter how hard i try i never seem to get a fire started..
  2. tb65

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    I think a fast way to start a fire is to use a fire starter. If you keep a lot of fire starters you'll be able to start fires for a long time in a survival situation. All you have to do is get sparks from the fire starter on to some tender and once it starts burning transfer the fire over to some dry wood. To keep the fire going just keep adding dry wood. This seems like the easiest way to start a fire besides using a lighter.
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    To make fire you need: Air, fuel & heat. There are numerous ways to make fire, too many to describe here. If you are talking wilderness fire lighting, then this narrows it down a little. Do you want to rely on commercial fire lighters such as matches, cigarette lighter etc, or do you want to learn a sustainable method like Flint & Steel fir lighting?

    You need a source of heat, you need some kindling, & you need larger fuel/wood to keep the fire going. Check out some of my videos.

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