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    Vehicle cases, safes, and DIY ideas for securing firearms

    I was looking for a folding-stock shotgun rack or scabbard -- something that would fit onto the back of the passenger seat. I found nothing that delighted me. I'll show everybody some photos -- see what you think.

    I kinda like this scabbard:


    AR 15 pistol briefcase:


    For truck backseat DIY

    Locker Down Vehicle Rifle Safe

    Console safes for handguns
    Military camera cases make great shotgun ammo cases. Here is but one sales site:

    Camera case used to hold approx 100 rounds of shotgun shells. Exterior loops for 35 mm film will readily accommodate shotgun shells for immediate use. Interior will house boxes of shells.
    The following looks like mine, but is smaller:

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    More scabbards

    I like the following product if only for the many pockets:


    This would be a great do-it-yourselfer. Doing it yourself would allow you an ergonomic model built for your specific build and arm length. Instead of true horizontal, were I to get my wonderful seamstress wife to make it, I'd have it angled to fit me. I'd imagine me reaching back to procure a short rifle or shotgun, then demonstrate my reach requirements to her. She would then make the measurements appertaining. She'd ask me questions that I would likely have not considered.

    Accessories for firearms MUST take into consideration ergonomics. An Anschutz target rifle or the stock of a quality skeet or trap shotgun will allow you to modify the weapon-fit to your body. I have wide shoulders and long arms, so I get Large or XL shirts -- which then are massively too wide for my abdomen. I stuff all that extra fabric into the tops of my pants. Makes me look like the freak, no doubt ... but then maybe I am just a dang freak.
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