First Aid For A Broken Bone

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Huggy212, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Good day everyone, your seafarer here. We have training in First Aid specially designed for ship environment. Broken bone is very common when some slips or fall at some height. It is essentially important to apply splint before you transfer the injured peroson or yourself to a safe place or in a clinic. Moving a person with dislocated bones or broken bones will result to more damage and pain to the victim's bones and other flesh. You do not need a first aid kit to have a splint. A splint is anything straight and somehow strong to hold the body part in 1 place without making much movements.

    example pf splint are a piece of metal, a broom, wood, or even a book. Any thing which you believe that can hold a steady position will do. You need to tie the splint into the body part. Bandage is the best for you to use for splint but if you have none you can use your clothes. Avoid movements in the broken bone while transferring the victim.
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    Amazing piece o advice, really enjoyed reading "book" on your examples. Very real situations require anything at hand. Thank you!
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