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  1. jonthai

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    What do you think the most important fish are to be caught in a disaster? How would we possibly know that the fish isn't contaminated by polution?
  2. lonewolf

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    I don't think any one fish is more important than other, although my personal favourite is Mackerel.
    serious pollution will probably kill off all the fish long before you can catch them because it affects the quality of the water in which the fish live. I have seen river pollution and the fish are usually all floating on the top..dead.
  3. Endure

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    If you mean pollution by mercury concentration into the water due to gold mining activities, then yes, you have to be careful with the source where you're fishing.
  4. Keith H.

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    The most important fish to catch are the fish that are there to catch. If you do not know the area you are fishing in, then you can never be sure that the waters are not contaminated. The Great Lakes in America apparently are polluted, as of course is the Pacific Ocean now. The fish you purchase in the shops could be contaminated, & the fish supplement capsules!!! Luck of the draw I guess.
  5. TexDanm

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    The most important fish in any survival situation is the ones that are easiest to find and catch. That species varies from place to place but in general little fish are easier to find and catch than bigger fish. You can eat the little ones and then use the parts that you didn't eat as bait for larger fish. Even minnows are eatable. Think of them as sardines not in a can. The kind of fishing that you do for survival is like the kind of hunting that you do for survival and is not anything like sport fishing. Start off with little hooks. Even a tiny hook though is capable of catching a big fish. Nets and snag lines, traps, weirs or poison are all on the table when you need food and big or small they all get eaten.
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