Fishing With Bare Hand

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Xilkozuf, Jul 20, 2017.

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    It's possible to fish with bare hands, even if it's not easy as it sounds. There is not much to say at how it's done: slowly approach your prey, avoiding to cast your shadow over it and avoiding to move the water too much, and catch it with your hands (maybe by the tail if you're not fast enough) immediately throw it on the shore. It will try to go back in the water, you need to avoid that of course.
    It's extremely hard, probably, but it can be a useful resource, an useful skill to know in emergency situations.
    Have you ever tried, or managed to do it?
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    We have tried that many times when we are at the beach or in the river. In the beach, it is quite impossible because the fish there are so quick. I and the kids would make a circle in the shallow portion (about 6 inches of water) and would try to catch the small fish. Sometimes the kids could catch one or 2 but not me. In the river, the fish are bigger and wilder which means they swim away at the sight of people. I'm sure to go hungry if I would be left to my own devices with only my hands to catch fish. I probably would use my shirt as a net, that would be more practical.
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