Flash Floods

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    The weather is getting tricky in some people are not quite used to it or underestimate it. There are many different instances in which people did not heed some simple warnings and take basic precautions and it ended up costing them their lives. Paying attention to simple signs and being vigilant can help save your life. Take for example the ground around you, if you happen to notice cloud-like patterns in the dirt or sand then that area most likely will have running water that passes through it at one time or another.
    When it comes to camping that soft dry riverbed may look like the perfect place to camp because it hasn't had water in it for who-knows-how-long but that is one of the most dangerous spots you could choose. In a moment's notice the wall of water could come rushing back that could end up taking your life.
    Flash flooding is happening more and more around the world today due to excessively dry climates. Drought stricken areas that do not receive rain and our beat down upon by the sun practically turned into concrete. When rain does occur flash floods start to happen. Stay vigilant and get you find yourself in a flash flood situation immediately seek the highest ground you can find it maybe the thing that saves your life.
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