Fleeing To Escape The Legal System

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    As nearly everyone knows the investigations into the Hussain Obama and Clinton cartell with overwheming evidence may likiley lead to arrests at any time . Do you think they will flee the country ' to a country that will harbor them?. They have raped the United states of millions of dollars that can be used to bribe foreign dictators to harbor them . If so which country do you think they will flee to ?
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  2. Sourdough

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    This is a great question; However it is sadly, a mental masturbation question. Nothing will happen to them, Killery will die is a few years of natural causes, likely drugs and alcohol.
    Yes......there is massive corruption, Yes........there are massive numbers of traitors. But they have the "POWER". And only a revolution will change that power.
    I don't think there will be a revolution, and I think America is in the final stage of being "America".

    People "Everywhere" but especially people in America, need to stop being delusional about survival, everyone's life and the lives of their dearly loved ones is on the line.
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    I agree IBME . In 2016 the corruption in the white house was voted out . The country seems to be on the right path for now . The thought in my mind though is will the corruption some years down the road return under another corrupt leader . We could see the U.S. turn into another Venezuela with masses of starving people . This would also likely have a ripple effect throwing other countries into a crises .
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    America is already two separate countries.

    So far the military has stayed out of it.

    America already has sanctuary cities to which citizens of other countries have fled after having invaded the borders of the former USA. All of the communist seditionists such as the Jarrett/Obama crew, the Clintons, et. al. are welcome in these Bolshevik bastions.
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    And I expect this to become ...to wax worse and worse before the 2020 election..

    Some people only have division and chaos by which to ply their trade..and it shows to those awakened to the pattern.

    One pronounced aspect of todays divison is the guilt and blame game..shaming ...as a staple of these divisive groups.

    I expect this to run amok before the 2020 election for these people cannot change their spots...therefore they must change our spots by guilt and blame...by shame..shaming us. For these people and groups cannot seem to solve any real American problems......outside of division..dividing the nation.

    Be Warned before the 2020 elections....Dividers run wild....Ishmaelites run wild....in an attempt to re define what is American.

    The Obama Administration refined this technique as a political weapon.....against the American People......and had Hillary won it would have advanced to a regular daily staple of leadership.
    She is still trying to carry out the blame game..to this very day...and some of the leftists candidates are using the very same technique..guilt, blame, and shame.

    This is not leadership.

    On another thought..I expect a contingency plan would be a natural thing for the left..and their proxy leadership to have in place...should the house of cards collapse on them.

    However...there is also the possibility that they will devour their own to protect the top players not wanting to be seen and known..and it is not Obama and Hillary. Obama and Hillary are proxies....in this business...too well known to be the top players. Same with this Soros fellow for whom so many reference. Too well known.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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