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    In times of calamity or disaster, someone taught us that snails can be eaten. There are so many kinds of snails, the small and the big, but they are all edible although not palatable, huh. For survival purposes, the snail can be eaten by cracking the shell with a stone. For the weak of stomach, the snail can be broiled on fire or coal and the shell would naturally crack. As they say in French, bon apetit escargot.
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    I think I recall hearing that snails can carry something nasty! Also they need to be left contained for a period of time so that they eject excreta.
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    Your post made me recall the African Snail invasion in South America. In the fields, they are a typical agricultural nuisance. In the cities, they clutter up in the sidewalks and rip off the stucco from the wall. The deadly issue is that African Snails can carry a nematode called the rat lungworm. If ingested, those nematodes enter the circulation and travel to the brain, where they can lead to meningitis. Therefore, you can see that is somewhat tricky to just eat a snail not because they look unappetizing, but because these can carry a parasite.
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    Grubs are another good source of protein food in the wild. I'm not sure how many grubs it would take to make a decent meal. You know, that might be another workable business to start: being a source of food in the wild. You could grow your own grubs and market them. Better yet, you could include a recipe book on ways to prepare grubs over a campfire or outdoor grill.

    You know, throw another grub on the barbie.
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