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Discussion in 'Books' started by Koala, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. Koala

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    As a female, I'm very interested in the food aspect of preppin and survival. I feel like it is my part of the ''job'' and something that my partner expects me to have knowledge of. I'd love to educate myself more in this area and I'm trying to find some good books that give a lot of details about storing and preparing food.

    I don't want the books that have a bit of everything; from the basic survival things to building a shelter, to guns, to food but a book that solely focuses on food and only that.

    Anybody has any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
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  2. jeager

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  3. Keith H.

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    I strongly recommend that you look at historical methods of food preserving. Bottling & canning most people know about, but 300 year old methods are rarely written about these days except by Living Historians like myself. Check out the info here on my two blogs. You can always highlight this info, copy it & print it. You will also find links Koala.
  4. Bishop

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    Canning and smoking meats making jerky salting meat
  5. jeager

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    Keith. I checked out the blog spot links.
    Very good. I printed it out.
  6. MountainCutie

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    I love to cook, but while I own many cookbooks I find some more useful than others. For example, I would recommend a good canning book. I own a Ball and a Kerr canning book. It tells you how to can everything under the sun with recipes included. I'd also recommend a very old Betty Crocker cookbook (the older ones are the best) and a book called The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila (Especially if you don't know how to make staples. Since you can always adjust the recipe for your taste buds you really need a starting point. Alana gives a good one. She also includes canning times for her sauces and her Ketchup recipe.) Alana also discusses older methods like fermentation. These are my three most useful books now that will still be useful later, while I do deviate some on the baking recipes- I created my own PowerPoint Book and I use my own baking recipes.

    Like Keith I would also recommend some old knowledge too. I also have a very old book for housewives- I'm talking 1832 here. It is called The America Frugal Housewife and it is by Lydia Child. It is still available today, it is in its 12th print. It tells you how to do a lot, for instance like making lye soap- which would be very important in a SHTF world. Especially if someone gets lice or something equally bad.
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  7. jeager

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    Hi Mountain cutie.
    Which mountains?
    Not asking for an address, just an general area.


    Since no one can remember everything I think highly of keeping books on
    hand to keep us survival ready.
    I seriously doubt we will ever need these skills.
    But what if?
    We do live in troubled times.
    I'm rather surprised radical religious terrorists haven't sky-jacked
    air liners and flown the into tall buildings.
    OH! They did do that didn't they!?
    It wouldn't take much to dump a couple gallons of l.s.d., into a municipal water
    supply, or arsenic, or..................................
    Or run around stabbing the defenseless......................Oh! they did that also.
  8. Shenandoah

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    If you are serious about preserving, canning your own food: everything from garden vegetables to elk or deer, then get "Growing and Canning Your Own Food" by Jackie Clay. There is sooo much information in this book! My parents are 84 and can everything imaginable by memory but when I gave my father this book, he loves it!! It is his go-to now and lives beside his recliner. I ordered mine through the magazine Backwoods Home but I'm guessing you can find it on Amazon. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
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