Foreign Invasion A Scenario You Prepare For?

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by CivilDefense, May 31, 2017.

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    So, I recently finished a fascinating study of west coast preparations during the Second World War entitled
    Panic on the Pacific: How America Prepared for a West Coast Invasion. The book was written by historian
    Bill Yenne. In addition to real history, there were a number of chapters on a hypothetical invasion scenario by the Imperial Japanese on the west coast states (Washington, Oregon, and California) and territory (Alaska).

    Anyway, it got me to thinking about this topic: is invasion by a foreign power something you prepare for? If so, how? Who do you think might invade?

    Thanks for sharing!

    (Personally, I don't rank this one particularly high in the US. We have the second a largest nuclear stockpile in the world and an advanced military. There is no way conventional forces alone could take us. And any nation dumb enough to launch a nuclear, chemical, or EMP strike would be barbequed in a massive retaliatory strike.)
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    I live in Italy, and honestly I don't think my country is interesting enough for anyone to invade, there are more interesting targets out there. But if an invasion actually happened, well... I'm not preparing at all. Maybe I'm too pessimistic about this, but I feel like we are just too small to be able to do something in an invasion, besides than hide and hope.
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    I live in the Philippines and you may well know that we are involved in the claim of islands in Spratlys, some of which are being occupied by China. The scenario that we will be invaded is highly probable because of the tension brought about by those islands in question. The UN committee had declared that the Philippines owns those islands but they cannot just enforce the ruling. China on the other hand has already warned that if the Philippines would insist to enforce the ruling then they (China) are prepared to go to war. And if a war breaks out in that issue then the only recourse we have is to go to the distant rural places. In a foreign invasion, the first victims are the cities so it is safer to be in rural areas.
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    Thank you both for the thoughts. Those nations are in strategically significant locations. Both of which are allies of the US.

    The tensions with Red China is indeed alarming. They seem to be throwing their weight around in that part of the world.
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