"forest School" And Contemporary Versions

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    Answer ---- Home School --- education funds follow the student and if home schooled the parent is paid too, just like the teachers.
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    Good morning TMT,

    Great point.

    In my emergency sheltering squad, 2 of my members were teens under the direct supervision of their mom, my main squad member. Both these teens were home-schooled. As soon as the older kid got his driving license, he drove the van with our squad to tour the Virginia Emergency Operations Center, sharing the building with the Virginia State Police.

    He finished his high school home studies and accepted to a registered nurse program at a nearby state university - on a scholarship. He's thinking of going to med school. I recommended DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lincoln Memorial Univ, eastern Tennessee. Believe he's getting a scholarship.

    In Virginia, I'm not clear as to whether public school funds can go to homeschoolers. There have been many political fights over this.

    I support closing down the teachers' racket and get back to education.
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