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    When it comes to needing power during a survival situation, there are a few different ways you will be able to get it. In order to know how to get power you have to understand there are different forms of power. You have battery power which obviously operates electronic devices with batteries. Batteries will have to be changed out periodically depending on the type of electronic device you're using. You can also get rechargeable batteries but they will have to be plugged into a power source in order to fill back up with energy. There are solar power sources that you can get to charge rechargeable batteries with that are a great idea to have on hand. It's better to get supplies now while they're accessible than to have to find them or make them in a survival situation.

    The generator is a great way to produce power and run your shelter or home. As long as you have gasoline on hand, a generator will continue to run with basic maintenance. An electric plug can be ran from a generator to a converter box much like in a camper and power a home or in a more basic method to a six-way power strip to give you access to electricity for your devices. There are also solar powered generators available today that do not require gas and oil.

    Solar power is a great way to get clean renewable energy but takes a little bit of know how. You don't just pop up a solar panel and plug it into the wall. You have to have converting equipment and a battery storage bank in order to store the solar power you collect during the day.

    The power of wind is another form of electricity. Windmills can create small amounts of electricity that can be used for various different functions. Commonly windmills were used to drive water pumps in the middle of desolate places such as the Open Range or on large cattle ranches.

    When the power goes out if you are one of the individuals who have taken the time to prepare yourself life will be quite normal for you compared to those who do not have power. There are different forms of electricity finding the one that's right for you or utilizing a combination of all may be a wise thing to think about ahead of time.
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