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    Read Before You Post or Comment - Updated 7/15/17

    1. No threats, racism, abusive statements, or directly attacking another member of this forum. Repeat violations will lead to a ban.
    2. Don't whine if someone's opinion upsets you. Our community supports people who have strong opinions and may share those in a post or thread. If you don't like what they have to say then you can ignore them.
    3. No Spam! If you are posting a bunch of garbage on here we will delete your account and report you to the internet database of spam and they may block you from using other sites or forums.
    4. We have moderators for a reason. Report users who you think are breaking the rules or who have low-quality useless content.

    Creating Threads
    1. Make sure you have a clear and descriptive title. Avoid 1 and 2 word titles because it doesn't tell us enough information in most cases.
    2. Place all threads in the appropriate category. Please read over the list of categories before posting.
    3. All topics need to have at last some aspect of survival. If they don't then the only place they are allowed is in the hangout.

    1. If you do not know what you are talking about please refrain from posting. Giving bad information could get someone killed.
    2. Keep all posts on the topic. If you want to make a comment on someone's post then use the comment button. Don't feel the thread with simple agreement statements. Posts should add to the information, and comments are exactly that.
    3. The hangout is the only place for non-survival topics. Please feel free to talk survival in there as if you want to. We left some oddball topics in there to for you to discuss but they won't be a part of the main forum.
    4. You must have decent grammar and spelling. I'm not going to pick apart people that speak English as a second language as long as it makes sense. But there have been some ridiculous posts lately and that is a quick way to end up with a ban. Use spell checkers and if you have a computer get Grammarly or something.
    5. No posting about illegal activities(specifically encouraging people to do them), plotting against a governing authority, anything that could potentially get someone seriously hurt, etc. We reserve the rights to remove any content we feel is inappropriate for this community at any time.

    Paid Posts

    1. If anyone has a paid post they must make sure everyone reading it is aware. We are adding the ability for companies to come in and make posts promoting their products but when they do everyone will know.
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