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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by Justin Baker, Feb 1, 2020.

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    Health, training, physical betterment, practicing (shooting, skills, etc,...). I run a health and wellness blog and getting into good, healthy shape physically is very important to me. I believe that in a SHTF situation, our physical training and capabilities are also going to be important. What drills do we run and how often? How sharp is our shooting? Once a week I run a drill that involves climbing my stairs with all my gear. I know how fast myself, as well as all my household members can bug out or bug in if need be. What exercises does everybody do to stay fit? Even if injured, debilitated, or just plain old (no disrespect intended!), we still gotta stay somewhat in shape! A forum thread for physical preparedness should be included...

    On a side note, I just issued a challenge to social media from my blog... a 30 day challenge... I already have 11 participants nation-wide and 1 in Canada. Besides just getting in shape and keeping fit, I do have alterior motives ;) ie. the more people that are healthy and taking care of themselves, the better off they will be in a survival scenario...
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