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  1. jeager

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    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” (President Ronald Reagan, and worth repeating)

    Molon L'abe'

    Never give up.
    Embrace the 2nd Amendment.
    Don't have a 2nd Amendment where you live?

    I'm so sorry for you.:(
  2. jeager

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    How do you regard SNOWFLAKE???
    Snowflakes melt when the heat goes up.
    Unarmed and afraid.
    ewwwwwwwww "he's got a knife!" "run, run, run." " I'm so skeert! "

    England the come kill me nation.
    Where is Churchill when he's needed most?

    England is like most all of Europe.
    Unarmed and very afraid.
  3. jeager

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    Here I am in jolly ol' England.
    Come kill me with impunity.

    It's o.k. British cousins.
    We'll come to your rescue like my dad and three of his brothers did in WW2.

    Remember when children were taken from English cities during WWII
    to save them from German bombers?
    They were taken in by British farmers to save the future generations.
    Brits don't recall that huh?
    Learn it or repeat it.
  4. Keith H.

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    We have lost many of our human rights & freedoms due to a corrupt government system, & we will not regain any of those rights & freedoms until the majority of people sack the government & introduce a new governing system. One that stops corruption & works for the people. We are being disarmed, & the majority are allowing it to happen. This majority are mindless & scared & just want to live quietly with their heads buried in the sand.
    Yes I remember that children were sent to the country areas during WW2, though it was not just farmers that were looking after the children. I also remember that "Dad's Army" was found wanting when it came to defense, they had to use shotguns, what few were available, until the Americans could send over some firearms.

    We in Australia still have firearms, though we do not have semi-autos anymore, & we do not have many handguns except those in pistol clubs. Using what we have against others using automatics or semi-autos we would definitely be under-gunned, but unlike in England we are a little better off at present.
  5. Tom Williams

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    They are working hard to take our rights and freedoms here in the usa cali deing one of the worst states with laws that should never be fthe 2nd admendment is federal law states passing laws to ban guns ect are breaking federal law the idiots that live there need to stand up for themselfs
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  6. Old Geezer

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    I would that the lend/lease were still about. I'd send guns and ammo. However, don't expect me to send my Enfields, they are primo! I love the .303 Brit. The slickest bolts on Earth and sufficient power to get the job done ... and then some. Ugly, yet beautiful. The very definition of "workhorse".
  7. Arkane

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    Yes and the best model was the number 4!
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