Friend Or Foe?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by BigZirp, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. BigZirp

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    Ok everyone, SHTF and your hunkered down in your house with your family. Everything you prepared for is happeneing. There is a family outside (Father, Mother and 2 kids). They were not prepared. They have no food, tools, shelter etc...
    Do you help them out? Let them shack with you for a night or 2? Do you give them a few supplies and send them on their way? Or too bad for them they should have prepared, every thing you give to them is taking away from your family?
  2. Ken S LaTrans

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    Did I know them before the SHTF?

    That has to be the big question. If I did know them...and they (dad) wasn't an asshole, then there is a chance that I would give them a "care package" and send them on their way, but the reality is in the moment, I would probably not.
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  3. lonewolf

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    unless you have a separate food stash -so that you can give out "care packages"- then everything you give away is depleting your family's food stores, do it too much and YOUR family will be the ones without.
    secondly any family you give to may tell others and soon you will have a queue at your door, some of them may want to TAKE rather than ask.
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  4. Ystranc

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    Camouflage isn't necessarily to do with painting everything green, sometimes it is necessary to appear to be in the same situation as everyone else. If you stand out as looking cleaner or better fed then others around you it won't go unnoticed. If you have heat or power when they have none you can expect jealousy so don't let on.
    If you help someone out with a care package you'd better not expect gratitude, just expect demands for more because "they need it, you should give it to them".

    It might be wiser not to share but instead help others learn to help themselves if you get caught up in a long term event (apocalyptic)...however in a short term, transient event where I could save lives without endangering myself or family I would offer to help.
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  5. Crys B.

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    Admittedly, the likelihood of me being in my house is slim. If the "stuff" hits the fan, I'm outa Dodge! I'd rather take my chances in the wilderness. I feel it would be safe than staying stuck in civilization where you could be found and raided and where disease might spread rampantly. Perhaps that's just me.

    If, theoretically, I were stuck in a building, I wouldn't answer the door. Simply put, I don't trust strangers when there's danger all around.

    Besides, the family should have prepped. I'm not going to starve to feed someone else.
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