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    Good morning all,

    The above NGS article is some days old but still as current as needs to be.

    The theme for American readers is that outdoor activity is healthy. Thr COVID-19 virus is worse indoors.

    Note article's "...mindset can transform the way we experience our world".

    Article mentions 19th century Henrik Ibsen. Read some of his writings - NOT in school - but in oil field exploration camps in the wilderness and on offshore rigs.

    I am a proponent of outdoor meetings ! For emergency responder types of meetings, I prefer them at night with prefererence to when it's storm-type weather. It's not roughing it when the canopy tent has some folks making hot chocolate, coffee and a couple of the soups loaded with salt.

    There are only a couple of mods for the outdoors involving non-recreational matters. Basically, the medic tent and police station need a heat and light source for a few type of situations. The US has experience in this - although supressed by those selling wall tents and large system heaters..........


    Our nation is obesce. Remember the - "pot belly" stove ?!
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