Frogs for dinner

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    When we moved into this house in 2001, we were surprised when the first rains came at dusk. In the nearby grassy field, there were loud mooing sounds. At first we suspected the sound from cows and next maybe from geese. But we were wrong. The bull frogs were making those loud sounds that robbed us of our sleep.

    My husband said that there are edible frogs. In fact, years after that, we went to a restaurant and had sampled fried frog legs. But back to the bull frogs, they are also edible although customarily they are not eaten here. But in times of crisis, those bull frog would be a good source of meat as long as you know how to properly remove skin which has the venom.
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    Ah, poison, sounds a bit like the cane toads in Australia! Well I remember a night of Duck & Frog stew sitting around a camp fire in the bush. I added potatoes & carrots to the ducks that I had shot, the frogs added themselves!!!
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