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    So I've been trying to come up with creative ways to use household items as a way to split my garden up and keep it "organized. I had an old queen sized bed frame that I stripped, stained and have put out in the plot where I plan to do my gardening. The issue I ran into is that the dirt that's in that area is full of sandy dirt, rather than rich soil. Also, the sun beats down on that spot all day long, so I have to invest in a shade cloth to protect my crops from getting burned.

    Has anyone else seen this idea before? I will post pictures when I get everything filled with good dirt and organized.

    What have you used to keep your garden organized and healthy?
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    My son had a trampoline for a while in our backyard. I began taking it down since he wasn't using it any more. What I discovered was that the dirt under the trampoline was some of the best dirt in my yard. I left up the steel sides of the structure so that I would know exactly how big the area of the good soil was. I chose to plant my garden this year in that circle.

    Within the old trampoline circle, I started planting along the edge such as cucumbers and green beans. The plants with vines can be wound around the remaining steel structure. Then, inside the circle I divided it into sections and planted like plants together.
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