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    When it comes to gardening and plant propagation, one of the things you will have to take into consideration is irrigation. Irrigation is vitally important to the success of your plants. If your plants do not get enough fresh water, they will not grow to their full potential if they grow at all. Keeping your plants healthy and watered properly will ensure that you get a bountiful harvest and that is what anybody who is growing crops for fruits and vegetables is after

    Making sure you have an irrigation setup for pumping water to your garden is the most convenient and easy method of watering all of your plants. Many people build their gardens on slopes so that they can run a water line to the top that splits and trickles water down the hillside going in rows covering all of the plants. Other techniques involve wells and sprinkler systems that are moved periodically to different placements allowing for water coverage of all of the plants in your garden. When plants are watered properly, you can tell by how healthy they are. Healthy green plants will produce nutritious foods. Take care of your plants and they will take care of you.
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    We have a backyard garden and also some plants in the front yard. That's beside the vacant lot beside our property that we also converted into a vegetable garden. The irrigation we use is tap water with the use of garden hose. That means it is clear water that we use for watering the plants. We have tried the drip irrigation but it is difficult to create because the transparent tube that we bore holes on easily breaks.

    We were advised to create a pond - 5 meters in diameter and 1 meter deep - so we can have some freshwater fish. But the main purpose of the pond is to use the water for irrigation. Water in the fishpond is heavy with fertilizer that the plants would love. When it rains heavily, the extended garden is somewhat flooded so it is very practical to build a fishpond there. However, that is not our lot and we are afraid that the owner might sue us if we are found to have created that pond.
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    With my garden beds that were over 800mm deep I used flood irrigation twice a week!
    worked a treat!
    Plastic sheeting under and sides to waterproof it
    Sand screen and drainage pipe at bottom! with sump at the end!
    Sunday nights water from large sump flood irrigated to overflow about two hours!
    pump turned off and it was allowed to slowly drain over the next two days!
    Wednesday night repeat!!
    Very little evaporation, nutrient runoff was recycled, very little surface mould or fungus, bugger all insect problems

    Over a year with rainfall topping the system up no actual water was usually needed added! most seasons some had to be drained out!
    The flood irrigation input was via the bottom drainage pipe and it was flooded to 10mm below mean soil surface, surface only damp from subsurface evaporation
    and that was the only real regular water loss most of the time! even less when there was decent leaf shade!
    We had 400mm rain per annum if we were lucky and that was more than enough to replace loss's most years!

    I really miss that garden!
    With the closed system only a little liquid fertiliser was used and that was added to the sump pond!
    Friend down the road used to test the sump water for nutrient levels once a month for me!
    Was going to dig it all up and renew the system at the ten year mark but divorced and sold up at the eight year mark!:(
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    How will the pumps run if there is no electricity? Is there still a method that does not involve carrying water laboriously from a pond, lake or river? Has anyone ever grown things in a hydroponic garden? Or maybe at the edge of the pond or lake itself?
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    Watering and Irrigation Supplies from The Home Depot: Help Your Garden and Lawn Grow Warm weather brings with it lush lawns and gorgeous gardens
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    My garden is about 175 feet from my house. It's the best place for the garden for more sunlight.
    I have 200 ft. of garden hose and water is well water. Well has never gone dry.
    That said I often pump water from the creek just 40' from the garden.
    Since the creek is 20 feet lower than the garden I need a pump that will move water
    UP. My pump does that.
    In a pinch I could and have used 5 gallon buckets to carry water to the garden though
    it's a p.i.t.a. but survivable. (survivable. Get it? I really crack me up!)
    Garden is 60 ft. X 120 ft. Makes plenty of goodies for pro'ly 3 or 4 people
    if one can's freezes, dehydrates, etc.
    I do that.
    Dad had a 2 acre garden, canned, dried, froze, pickled, all kinds of things I didn't appreciate
    then. Thanks dad!
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    I have a biggish garden that has fruit trees, commercial crops such coconuts, areca and pepper, perennial and seasonal flowers. we have divided the garden depending on their watering needs. Some get the shower treatment that is mostly the flowering area with a smaller width pipe and the trees get direct watering using a pipe with a bigger width We do not water daily but twice a week.
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    Welcome aboard.
    India is quite different from Ohio.
    Areca is a kind of palm tree isn't it?
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    Thank you. Indeed it is. Here is a picture for you arecanuts.jpg
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