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Discussion in 'Newbie Corner' started by BigZirp, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Does anyone carry a Respirator and safty goggles or a gas mask? If so what kind / model do you carry? All i find is very expensive or very cheap mask. I dont find much in the middle.
  2. Ystranc

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    Israeli defense force 4A1 civilian mask is current and fully NBC capable. It's also cheap and can be combined with a nato issue NBC suit.
    The cartridge air filters are a little expensive but they are widely available.
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    All respirators will somewhat restrict your airflow, and none offer full protection. The best mask to buy just depends on your preference of protection / cost.

    N95 masks are the minimum acceptable level of mask (not surgical masks) that will filter 95% of 0.3 micron particles. P100 filters "100" (99.97)

    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (OHSA wonks) calculates a protection factor for different levels. Higher is better:

    SCBA = 10,000 (because it uses clean air from a tank)
    PAPR = 50
    Full Face APRs = 50
    Half Face APRs = 10
    Disposable APRs (N95 types) = 5
    For the disposables and half faces, 3M is the way to go. N95 or P100 (better).

    The best protection will be a full mask with filters/cartridges for CBRN. So, based on what you want, google for something with those specs.
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  4. Ben Brown

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    The NBC is ultimately the one I would end up getting merely because of the fact that it is used almost weekly in Syria, Israel and other conflict areas in the Middle East where alleged chemical weapons are used.

    There's a pretty detailed review of the thing that I read on a gas mask review site which might give you a little more insight into what it does and how it compares against other masks. The big thing these days though is whether a mask is NBC or CBRN. I am not too sure exactly what you are wanting a mask for but NBC will still cover everything. The only difference is the radiological component of CBRN, which is more for radiological waste. This is different to the 'nuclear' component of NBC, which these days, most people identify as the main reason they are interested in a gas mask.
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