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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 21, 2016.

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    There are many abundant materials in the wilderness for building a shelter. Some things you could pack with you to assist you in making a shelter would include a sharp knife, rope or cordage, durable tarps and even a thermal blanket. But if you do not have these items you don't worry there are plenty of materials around you that you can use. Mud is a good insulator for filling in cracks in between your shelter. Once the cracks are filled you can cover the mud with mats of moss and if you want a nice cozy shelter you can toss a bunch of leaves over the top to finish it off.
    Another good tip for building a shelter is to build it near a rock, so when you have a fire, it heats up the rock and radiates heat towards you kind of like radiated heaters. Building shelter under dense trees and around dense brush can provide good protection from the wind and rain. They can also give you a natural alarm system for when animals are lurking around your camp. Building your camp on a slight hill will ensure water from sitting still in your camp and keep you dry and save you from stepping in muddy puddles.
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    When out hiking I carry a couple large black placid garbage bags. They are light weight and can be cut into very large tarp type covers in an emergence. They are not really good for permanent shelter, but then when hiking and having to stay out overnight unexpectedly they can be a life saver.
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    A buddy and I once spent like 4 months sleeping under 4 ponchos in Viet Nam at a fixed mortar position. We went through some pretty nasty storms in that time period too. So whether you know it or not, anticipate it or not, your temporary shelter may become your home for longer. We were only supposed to be on that hilltop for about 30 days but it ended up being much longer. So we got surprised but we did okay in spite of being there longer than anticipated.
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