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    Dehydration is a serious illness that happens when you do not consume enough water over time. Mild dehydration symptoms are dry sticky mouth, sleepiness or tiredness, decreased urine output, few or no tears when crying, dry skin, headaches, constipation, and dizziness or lightheadedness. Severe dehydration symptoms are extreme thirst, extreme sleepiness and confusion, very dry mouth skin and mucous membranes, little to no urine or urine that appears darker than normal, sunken eyes, shriveled and dry skin that doesn't bounce back when pinched or folded, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, fever and in worst cases delirium or unconsciousness. There are many ways to avoid dehydration if you know where to look and how to purify your water. Once you find water there a few ways you can clean it. You can boil water in a pot for about 5 minutes and let cool then you can drink it. If you are around salt water, don't worry just start boiling some of the water and collect the steam with your shirt and then ring your shirt into a water bottle or wherever you're storing your water. You can also bring items such as water purification straws and purification tablets that will clean your water. Purification tablets may not taste the best, but you can always bring with you some powdered mixes to mask the taste.
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    You forgot that you can also use bleach and iodine, small drops of either one, to kill the germs in bottles of water. Don't go to excess when using bleach and use only the plain, unscented bleach. If I remember right, you only use like 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water and let it sit for at least an hour. You also shake the container to help mix the bleach throughout the water too. When using bleach, there should be a very slight chlorine smell. Keep in mind that using bleach and iodine to purify water should be used only in emergencies. Anybody who plans to use either iodine or bleach to purify water should look it up online now before they need to use it later. Plan ahead.
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