Gear for Repelling Insects and Wildlife

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    Insect bites and wildlife are other challenges faced when spending time learning how to survive. You can bring simple things with you that helps with this problem such as bug spray, bug blankets, and a repellent bug candle. Having a fire going with material that smokes will repel most bugs as bugs do not like smoke or fire so if the bugs are really bad just make a couple of torches and put them up around where are you are resting. Bugs are one thing, but a wild animal is another. Fire can still be useful at this point, but you can also attract predators in the night.
    The reason to that is that some animals take advantage of the opportunity to warm up. You can scare off big predators with sound by waving a torch around and hollering. You can also have traps that make noise instead of catching them. Keeping the cleaning's of the skins of animals away from your camp is very important because scavengers will eat the nasty insides of animals that are diseased. It's best just to toss them into a river or over a cliff. If you have pots or pans you can beat them together or sit them at the perimeter of your camp and throw rocks at them to make loud noises to scare away any potential threats.
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