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    Surviving in a warmer climate can be a little easier but not all the time. Sometimes it is so hot and humid that you have to consume more than three liters of water a day to survive. So a good piece of gear to bring this you will be pots and pans, purification tablets, and purification straws which will make it easy to gather and store water. It's always good to have a fire if you are out in the wild and trying to survive. So a flint and steel or a butane lighter and even waterproof matches can help tremendously in the challenge of starting a fire.
    Staying hydrated is most important in surviving a warm climate so it will probably be a good idea to pack a survival book on how to make water collection/purification systems. Sunblock and bright clothing will help keep the sun from harming you with it's devastating effects. Sunburn or overheating is the last thing you want when surviving out in the wilderness. When it's warm bugs, like to thrive everywhere so a practical piece of gear would be bug spray to repel bugs.
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