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    When it is storming the rain is pounding down there are only a few ways to ensure you stay dry. A rain poncho or rain jacket works best to keep you dry and safe from the elements, but that might not always be available in a survival situation. You can build your shelter in between rocks and under dense trees, so nature is protecting you. You can build your bed up off the ground or put a bunch of insulation on the flooring inside your shelter. Also insulating your shelter will help waterproof the outside of it and keep you safe. If your clothes happen to get wet, you can take them off and hang them on branches so they can dry and you can sit around the fire and in your shelter to warm yourself back up. If you do not have a shelter out in the wild, your best chance is to find a cave and wait out the rain in there. If you can't find a cave, your best chance is to take shelter under a dense tree and hope the rain stops soon.
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