Geomagnetic Storm

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    Also known as solar storms, they are usually harmless to us. They might damage satellites, but also radio waves and the electric power line. Before the "explosion", they charge - in a time that range between some hours and some days - and in a few days they arrive on earth, since they travel at 3-4 miles per hour. On Earth they last 24-48 hours.
    The most powerful one was in 1859, and it lasted almost a week: today the damage would be ENORMOUS.
    Ages ago a solar storm wasn't a big deal, but if today a really big one was to happen... well, it would be probably an apocalypse! It can bring permanent damages to our technology! No more satellites, no more communication between countries... it would be like in ancient times. No more tv, phones, no more Internet... everyone would be affected. We might be able to repair something, but with such huge damage it would require years.
    Do you think humanity would be able to adapt and survive in a situation like this, or we would be completely screwed?
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