Getting water out of bamboo

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    If you are in a tropical jungle drinking water from streams or brooks can be dangerous, a good solution is find some bamboo and get the water that it reserves for itself. The water will be clean and filtered.

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    I have posted in another thread about the possibility of using the bamboo as a source of water. However, it is not an ordinary bamboo. We have here the bamboo imitation called BUHO. It is very much like the bamboo in looks and in size except that the bamboo itself is not thick and not hard. This type of bamboo is what the natives in the mountains use for cooking their food. They would cut the cylinder on one end, place the food and roast the bamboo over an open fire. The food tastes delicious.

    With the water, it is not always a probability to have water inside the bamboo cylinder. No one can say how and when can the buho bamboo have water. But my husband said that usually water in the cylinder is found in big groves maybe because the water in the cylinder is preserved since a big bamboo grove is cool.
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    Thanks for pointing that out, the bamboo is really wide, most bamboo is much smaller than this one so it should be easy to identify. The name suits it perfectly Buho does sound like the sound water makes when it moves in a container.
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    Bamboo pushes water from its root system to its stalk during the course of the morning . That's when the bamboo internodes hold most water content and is therefore the best time a day to harvest fresh and purified bamboo water.
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