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Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by tb65, Jun 11, 2016.

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    I read a lot of comments about planting food ahead of time, and this sounds like a good idea. I think it would be cool if people planted fruits or vegetables that could grow in the woods this would help future generations.
    If people did this every where just like some people plant tree's, and there was a situation where the future generation had to depend on food in the wild, there would be plenty there. Of course you would have to know what could grow wild without human intervention. It would be pretty amazing for survivalist to know someone thought about them ahead of time.
  2. OursIsTheFury

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    I don't really know about that. Fruit trees need a gentle hand to take care of them, as well as keep pests and weather in general from destroying it at its early stages. Not to mention wild animals eating from it, or even destroying it themselves. The idea is great, but without proper human supervision, trees that you plant wouldn't last much, as the weather conditions, as well as the chaotic nature of the wilderness would have a high chance of disrupting the growth of trees and plants, making them useless before they can even grow any fruits of their own.
  3. remnant

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    One intervention along the lines you have specified in my area is a reafforestation programme in previously deforested areas threatened by human encroachment. Farmers are allowed to farm when the trees are small since there is alot of space for agronomic activities. When the trees grow in size and the situation is no longer tenable the farmers relocate to another area.
  4. lonewolf

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    i'm afraid the future generation will have to learn how to do stuff for themselves or they will really end up in the stone age.
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    I'm not aware of many different plants that you can just plant and they will continue growing. Actually I'm not really aware of any, and I grew up on a produce farm. I suppose you could plant fruit trees, but even those require tending if you want them to bear a good amount of fruit. But it was a sweet thought to think for the future generation.
  6. djordjem87

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    That is a great idea and in Serbia woods are filled with all kinds of wild berries already. There is a little problem in a form of careless people who just do not observe what they cut or destroy in process of getting what they need and that is usually cutting trees for winter. Forests are being destroyed and everything in them by those who steal trees and this is all because people have no jobs or money to pay electricity or timber. Another good thing in this fashion are mushroom that grow everywhere actually. You only need to know which is which and that is a really good thing to learn.
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    I think the humanity of today have lost all traces of any ancient traits and surviving skills. We are very modern and dependent on technology. Planting trees and caring for the environment is the last thing on our minds. We live in a very fast paced, very narcissistic culture where most of the worries is how much 'like' we get on our instagram selfie post (at least for the younger generation), your idea is good but sadly, it seems too far fetched in today's culture.
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