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    Well another survival forum. I decided to bit because I have been involved in prepping for over 25 years. My user name in this community is RICHFL. You can find me on several forums.

    A little about my self: Raised on dairy farm in Wisconsin for 18 years. received my draft notice so went into the US Marine Corps. After two wars and several smaller actions, I retired USMC E-7 after serving 22 years decided that I need a change of locations and pace for my family. We retired out of Okinawa Japan straight to the NE Florida Coast back in the early 1990's. I then was hired and trained as a Deputy Sheriff here in Florida serving for 10 years until I was injured on the job (Broke my back). I received a lot of training over the years in survival and my 18 years on a farm gave me plenty of experiences in prepping.

    We my family and I have survived over 35 different survival incidents over the years. Some man made (Chemical spill), and others natural (Hurricanes). So I start making up lesson plans for beginners. I now offer them to you here.
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    Welcome Gary.
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