Good Price On .22 R.f. Ammo

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jeager, May 12, 2017.

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  1. jeager

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    In a shtf situation the .22 rim fire might be the best survival caliber
    one can have.
    Survival, not necessarily for defense against 2 legged varmints.
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  2. Old Geezer

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    I bought some subsonic .22 LR ammo today (CCI, Suppressor, 970 fps, 45 grain). I found out that it has gotten some good reviews. Here's an article I found very informative; it reviews subsonic .22 LR loads:

    Subsonic .22 long rifle loads compete with air rifles when it comes to quietness. I've heard the firing pin strike the primer.

    CB caps simply aren't accurate. I've shot them indoors (into fireplace with plenty of material to catch the bullet and prevent any ricochets) and at 20 or 30 feet they are accurate-ish; 1/2" group at 20 ft with CB Long ammo. There is a place for CB caps. They are super quiet and if you are shooting small game from "here to there", then you do not need much power or target accuracy.

    When chambered in a .22 LR firearm, shorts (CB or standard) must leap to the rifling, destroying accuracy. When reloading for target accuracy, one loads bullets into the case such that when chambered the bullet ogive is right up against the rifling so that their is little free travel clearance ("jump"). High pressure with center-fire ammo? Yes.

    I buy .22 shorts to be fired in short chambers.

    Hey everyone this is a reminder that should you run into some standard velocity / sub-sonic ammo, it could be worth the money. Try different brands in different rifles and see which combo is both accurate and quiet.
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  3. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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  4. watcherchris

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    I don't like CB caps as well. I prefer .22 shorts. I own two pump/slide rifles in .22 which will handle .22 shorts, longs, and long rifles.

    Mostly I buy .22 bulk LR ammunition. I know how to make it quiet if need be.

    But shorts are fine around here in my slide rifles and quiet for most uses and the occasional pestilence.

    That is one of the techniques the Olde Timers at the gun club taught me in reloading for the bullets out closer to the rifling so that they do not do much of that jump you describe.

    The guys who shoot target and have beautiful rifles for target shooting ...most of them use Eley ammo...or one other brand and the name escapes me at the moment.

    Years ago I bought a box of CCI target grade subsonic ammo. It was expensive..some $15.00 per 100 rounds. It was accurate but I tried it at 100 yards not 50 yards and against regular HV Long rifle.

    The target grade subsonic ammo....was very accurate..and at 100 yards fell in a nice tight group low on the paper target. Noticeably low.
    The High Velocity .22 LR....painted a group higher up on the paper at 100 yards...but not as tight as the target grade ammo.
    This taught me something valuable about target grade ammo...and why it tends to group tightly.

    I verily like a good .22 LR in a rifle. ..preferably a bolt gun.

    Keep a Beretta Jaguar .22 Long rifle target pistol in the back of my car in a case...with plenty of ammo in pill /Tylenol type bottles.

    In my truck is one of those Henry AR 7 .22 Long Rifle take down rifles...with spare ammo.

    I also own a Savage model 24 c...a combination gun with a .22 long rifle barrel on top of a 20 gauge shotgun.
    Takes down into pieces and stores in a case...with ammo.
    This combination gun is hard to come by now days...they are no long made like this one.

    I do not discount the .22 long rifle nor disrespect it for what it is and can do.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  5. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    I'm sitting here thinking and quite frankly, I don't know how many .22s I own. It's less than 15, I think. As to how many I've owned, I'd have to ask God. I've owned Anschutz to Winchester, brands I can't remember. I've owned .22s from all around this planet. Had a BSA (British Sporting Arms) with aperture sights -- gave this to a son -- the perfect rimfire bolt. Bull barrels to nothing barrels. Ruger 10/22 rifles, owned standard to bull barrel, aperture sights to fancy scope. The images keep coming. Wonder where they all went?

    I used to trade a bit. When I think of the Colt Buntline (.22 LR / .22 Mag) I traded out of, I could kick myself ... no, actually I'm beginning to tear up. I was under age 30 and pure dumb@$$. I'm getting chest pains. How stupid of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Change topic. Loading bullets out to the rifling.

    OK, I need some help with this. Blackpowder cartridge, Schutzenfest here in America, shooters place the bullet in the chamber, THEN push the case w/powder in behind the bullet, filling the chamber. They are going for mega-accuracy. I guess they fill the case with the exact charge desired then put a plug or wax atop the powder to keep it from spilling out. Has anyone competed in one of these events whose roots lie in Deutschland? The shooters achieve accuracy results that are unbelievable, however I've only heard about these shooting events.

    When the Winter Olympics roll around, I seek out the biathlon events to watch. If you do all of that exercise, yet can still shoot accurately, then you are a genuine athlete. Finnish soldiers have had a history of laying waste to the Russians. The Fins lost MUCH territory, however the Russians payed for the land with rivers of their young men's blood.
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  6. randyt

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    a month or so ago I picked up a 5000 round case of 22lr blazer for 180 dollars shipping included.
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