Got Any Camping Wild Animal Stories?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by OursIsTheFury, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Before I start, here's a video of what a mountain lion's cry sounds like.

    As you can see (or technically, hear) it literally sounds like a woman being butchered to death. Can you imagine hearing this in the wilds near you while you are out camping? That would make me run the hell out of there. A major concern when it's nighttime during camping is the lack of support. You are out there in the boonies with nobody to help if you ever need it. Paranoia and imagination also runs wild, and hearing this scream would make a heroic type of person think that they need to rescue that woman who sounds like she is in trouble. Only for you to be face to face with a large cat that can kill you in seconds.

    Got any stories about camping in the wilds and having to deal with the local wildlife? When I went to the mountains in college the most "exotic" animal I found was this albino water Buffalo tied up near a stream (clearly had an owner) and was grazing. That was about it.
  2. Tom Williams

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    Out yote huntin one night up against a stump a owl took my stocking cap off my head from behind me i was useing a mouth call of a rabbit hurt
  3. Bishop

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    You know I have called in a lot of owls and Hawks while coyote hunting and a lot if coyotes turkey hunting
  4. Tom Williams

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    I nail a nice tom hard nocked him down hill rolling i stood up picked up my gear walk 15ft to the bank where he rolled lookin no bird wtf i see a flutter to my right turned to see yote running with my bird i was pissed killed 37 yotes out of that woods that summer - winter hope i got the thief
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