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    Using GPS to help navigate is a great way to make a survival situation easier. All survival situations are not always ones that are catastrophic or natural disasters. Sometimes people put themselves in survival situations for the pure fun of it. Call it an adrenaline rush or a natural high but some enjoy this type of lifestyle. GPS is a handy tool that can help individuals who are hiking mountainsides or those who are navigating the oceans. Perhaps you are a road warrior and love to drive.
    Using GPS can help you navigate and stay alive on the road. Survival situations come in many different forms. It's not always what we expect when someone says a survival situation. In fact, every daylife is one of those situations that calls for survival. Applying everyday life tactics that you currently use to survival tactics in the future when needed will help you to adapt to any situation. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, stay informed and you will have a better chance at surviving any obstacle that life throws at you than someone who doesn't take the time to be prepared.
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    Old compass learn it use it gps fine toy shtf sats be gone dead weight you should know where your going already and get to know the place already
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    i'm old school, map and a compass and know how to use them.
    GPS is a nice gadget but its not necessarily going to be working when you most need it in a SHTF event, technology is ok when its okay but relying on it to the exclusion of all the older methods may be fatal when you really most need it.
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    I keep several different compass's on me a hard map of the area and my trusty GPS!
    Even with no GPS fix I have a detailed topographical map of all of Australia
    So satalites or not the gps is a valuable item!

    And while it is working with a sat fix you can use it as a rangefinder for long range shooting!

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