New Member Greetings From The Philippines

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by giovanniiiii, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii New Member

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    Good day to everyone. My name is Kenneth and I am 20 years old. I recently graduated college and luckily I stumbled upon this forum by searching for basic survival guides. I wanted to learn more about how to survive by myself even back then, but I didn't have the reading materials. I am so thankful I was given a copy of the Free Army Survival Manual.

    So far, my skills that could contribute to my survival is my knowledge of basic CPR and my awareness on avoiding to eat wild plants and mushrooms.

    Thank you for having me. :)
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  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Good day Kenneth & welcome to this forum. Your post made me smile, we have two ladies from the Philippines in our family, one my sister-in-law, the other my cousin married to my cousin Kenneth in Wales UK.
  3. rose thornes

    rose thornes New Member

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    Hi Kenneth I'm also new here. I'm from Philippines too. I'm looking forward to learn some survival guides here. Nice to meet you.
  4. Okaviator

    Okaviator Member

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    Welcome to this forum! It's always nice to have someone around here that knows a thing or two about survival. Hopefully you enjoy yourself around here, I know I sure have! Cheers! :)
  5. koolhandlinc

    koolhandlinc Expert Member

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    Hi, I am from Tulsa OK. My wife is from Occ. Mindoro. I have visited your country 6 times now. It great to hear from you. Maybe God will have us meet in person someday!
  6. vennybunny

    vennybunny New Member

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    Hi fellow Filipino!

    I would just like to ask where you get your survival materials here in the Philippines. I haven't been able to find a reliable and affordable source yet.
  7. m33kuh

    m33kuh Active Member

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    Oyy! Another kababayan! Welcome brother! Now we can form a group here and prepare for alien invasion or zombie apocalypse!
    Must stack a lot of sardines and sacks of rice! Coz hell we can surely live by eating those. :D:D
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