Grid Enhancement Program

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    Here are some large backup generators that industry uses. As I mentioned in another post, I once worked at a very factory complex. There were 1,500 employees (for multiple shifts) in one location -- engineering module had offices for over 150; manufacturing modules, I don't even know how many souls worked there on any given shift, wasn't over there much). The backup generator there was an engine made for a freight train -- lord only knows how many Watts that monster could crank out.

    Certain industries and core infrastructure facilities must never go down, thus the monster backups.




    Each of the above generators have huge diesel fuel tanks to run them.
    During non-apocalyptic SHTF scenarios, National Guard units will
    target power sources for continual fuel delivery. Core assets will
    be targeted.

    Here is an article about the backup generator at a London UK hospital that they describe as "the largest hospital"(?).


    Backup Generators for Water & Sewage Treatment Plants


    The Military has all configurations of tanker trucks for fuel delivery. This includes armored tankers for war zones.


    As for personal generators, don't count on ANY fuel being there for civilians. National Guard units will ONLY be supplying fuel to core infrastructure during dark times. And that will only be in areas not destroyed by whatever unimaginable event. May REGIONS of countries may become "write-off" areas -- example, areas hot with fallout.
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      During massive war scenarios, triaged "survivable injuries" patients will be moved to and housed in the strangest of locations, not just hotels and schools. Factories making non-essentials will be taken-over by military and used for military purposes and even as hospitals. Wherever big generators exist, the military will take-over operations there. Food and fuel facilities, the same. Everything has already been mapped-out and targeted. "Might makes right." Fire and Rescue Services also know where to head during dark times. "Non-important" facilities will be on their own.
      Old Geezer, Jun 4, 2023
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