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    You might know the italian legend of the Campidoglio Geese.

    The Gauls were besieging Rome and were trying to enter.
    The defenders were starving, and they couldn't eat the geese that lived in the hill by the temple, because they were sacred to a goddess.
    One night the geese started honking loudly, and the roman soldiers find out the Gauls were able to enter the city someway (an underground passage probably, but the story have different versions).
    The Romans were able to defend themselves from the siege thanks to the geese.

    This always reminds me that geese are often used as guard animals. Does anybody here use them with that purpose? Are they really good?
    Also, many people see them as absolutely evil animals. But maybe they are just jerks.
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    I hav a couple of mates that use them to guard their ducks but you hav to raise them from an egg and get the whole family to help so it know who not to attack they can be vicious and like any animal pet or not always be aware
    You see people selling ones older I would not trust them at all best place for them is center of the dinner table
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