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    Interesting article.

    Highlights the importance of not allowing panic to control a situation, the importance of not becoming dehydrated (affects mental capacity and as such, increases risk of panic), fire skills - as stressed elsewhere on this forum - the importance of having more than one way to light a fire, and lastly, knowing your environment.
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    Cheers and thanks for the download. I already use that technique. I was taught it when dealing with anxiety and stress after my husband died. It's extremely effective. I use it now when meditating before going to sleep.
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    Survival is all about control. Control of one's self. Ourselves (body, mind, spirit and soul) are the only things we can truly control. Anxiety, fear, depression and all of your emotions can be controlled, by you. If you learn skills, acquire knowledge and test your abilities of life "survival" skills. Then there is no place you can't survive.

    One more important fact. NEVER QUIT! Never stop fighting for life. When we quit, we die.

    Just my opinion.

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    1. Blitz
      Love it! Thanks Dale.
      Blitz, Mar 25, 2020
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