Gulp :<( Eating Carp!

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by jeager, May 17, 2017.

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  1. jeager

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    Well yes they are edible but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Here ya go:

    When younger I used archery gear and wade into shallows to bag spawning carp.
    I'd put 'em in a burlap feed sack and take them home.
    Dad and I chopped 'em into large chunks that we'd bury next to tomato and other plants
    The plants grew real well indeed.

    Gramps was from Russia where carp was a food fish and was quite upset over "wasting" food.
    I cleaned some and gave 'em too gramps and he'd pickle some and cook some.
    Better him than me.

    Oddly carp in Europe are a GAME fish. Go figger.
    Also an important FOOD fish in oriental countries.

    Here is you wanna eat 'em:

    In a SURVIVAL shtf situation I'd sure 'nuff eat carp if need be.
    Protein is protein.

    Take a carp fishing vacation to Europe????????
    Well o.k.

    U.S. record.

    North America possibly has a larger biomass of carp then the rest of the world combined.

    So you go out to eat and "white fish" is on special.
    Chances are you're eating carp. :<(
    I doubt the restaurant even knows what it is.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Good post Jeager! Some people say the same about catfish, but I don't have a problem with them. Of course carp is a bottom feeder & has a reputation for tasting "muddy', but in a survival situation I recon it will be better food than grubs & insects! Eel has the same reputation, but I find it edible, especially when cooked with a little garlic.
  3. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    My father was in the Army and trained in the desert for deployment to Africa.
    They caught and ate rattlesnakes.
    I have a picture of him someplace holding up a rattle snake that was longer than he was tall.
    Naturally they sent him to England, not Africa, where he went in with the 3rd wave on D-day.
    Armor, light tank.
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  4. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Snake is good eating Jeager, but killing one can have its dangers!
  5. DonScott

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    Rattlesnake is some good meat! I live in Texas and get my hands on them whenever I can! As for carp I've never tried filleting them. It seems like it takes a decent sized fish to get any decent boneless meat off of them. I live on a lake with some huge ones. I'll give it a try next time I hook one!
  6. omegaman

    omegaman Expert Member

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    Ive had alot of carp. Here in sweden it's not common food but my wife coming from the balkans loves it. I'd say it tastes alot like.. Fish ;)
  7. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Carp in the U.S. have a bad reputation.
    They are an introduced and highly invasive species.
    They absolutely destroy game fish, better eating fish, habitat.
    They stir up muck and that muck covers eggs laid by better fish.
    Carp can and do live in the filthiest, most polluted, environments.
    Carp are frugly, eff'n really ugly.
    Carp breed like mad, an adult female carp lays about 400,000 eggs each spawn, once a year.
    On the plus side of Carp......................................

    There is no plus side to carp.
    Carp have ruined so many waters that once held better fish.

    We shoot them with archery, take them home, cut them up, and use
    them as garden fertilizer.

    Carp is a garbage fish and most anglers wish they'd never been introduced
    into our waters.

    Catfish are ugly, have no scales, but are excellent eating.
    In the U.S. south there are catfish farms that produce fish for markets.
    My cousins and I fish a large lake in south central Ohio for giant blue
    and shovel head cats.
    Our biggest was 50 pounds.
    We don't kill those. Release them as they are lousy eating when that
    Ones between 3 and 10 pounds are fine table fare.
    The yellow and brown bullhead suck.
    Scavenger fish.
    They too make great garden fertilizer.
    The salt water top sailfin is another horrible fish that I catch by accident
    in brackish water in Florida.
    They fight well but stink and are covered with sticky slime.
    I won't even touch the slimy things and cut the line if I catch one.
    One just can't get the stench of them off the hands no matter how well one
    The sting is nasty.
    I got a terrible infection from a sailfin catfish sting.
    It isn't the "whiskers" that sting. It's the sharp bone near the top and side fins.
    Better have an up to date tetanus shot! I do.
    Why? Catfish sting in Florida a few months ago.
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  8. texsun54

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    I know some people around here that eat carp. They boil the meat then use the meat to make croquets. That's more trouble than I want to deal with to eat fish, but a lot of people around here love it.
  9. Bishop

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    It's the same with gar mud fish people that won't eat them say they are a trash fish but are really good to eat really I will try any kind of food from 1000 year old eggs to bugs and works if it tastes good I keep eating if it doesn't I stop a hunting friend of mine he has passed away now car accident died to early in life any way I killed a deer and big Ed cut the heart and liver up and fried it at camp and he said try some I told Ed I like heart but I don't like liver he said try some any way he cooked his different than most people so I did and I did not like it he asked me how it was so I told him if you put more breading on no liver and fried that it would be perfect
    So if it tastes good eat it if it doesn't dont
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