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    I was wondering what a good preservative to use on firearms for long term caching. My father preferred Rig. I have heard of using fluid film, bearing grease, and of course cosmolene.
    any thoughts?
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    I would use a synthetic motor oil. It will penetrate everything. Will not mix with water (moisture) can and will reach into every crevasse. You can get it cheap at the Dollar stores. JM2C
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    It is your call..but I use this stuff...Dow Corning M55 Silicone O ring grease.

    Years ago...I had problems with my .50 Caliber Hawkin percussion cap rifle after cleaning and lubricating it.

    Black Powder can be very corrosive...and I tried Vaseline, 3 in one oil...and even axle grease...but would soon get rust and corrosion....on this rifle in particular around the nipple ....cap lock mechanism.

    Over time I came to understand that what I needed was a grease which would function as a Moisture barrier....and that a silicone based grease was what was needed.

    And over time I stumbled upon this Dow Corning Silicone based grease.

    Now it is a bit pricey per tube and I have put back several tubes of this stuff...but it goes a long long way. These tubes are small and compact..and can also be easily stored in your cache.

    You do not need to put on much of it ....after regular cleaning. Just a thin coat will suffice.
    I use it on all such tools.....stainless included.

    A moisture barrier is what you need.

    My non Ishmaelitte .02,
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    I don't want to change the thread topic but just wanted to say thanks for the motor oil tip . I have several two man cross cut saws in my stash that I need to address the rust situation on . Oil would give me a lot of volume for my buck even if it is not as efficient as some rust inhibiters .
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    That is what I was doing many decades ago. It is a super pain in the ass to get removed, working outdoors, on a hot sunny weather day, and impossible to remove in winter, while doing so inside a enclosed environment.
    There is far superior systems for long term storage.
    The military currently uses: Anti-corrosion bags.
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    Z-CORR was bought out by "BLUE BAG" a few years ago.

    Originally developed for the U. S. Marine Corps for long-term storage of refurbished M16 rifles, ZCORR corrosion-protection storage bags are now available to the rest of us.

    ZCORR Bags utilize a combination of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) chemistry and barrier packaging materials to completely prevent corrosion of firearms and ammunition. The material that ZCORR bags are manufactured from is a proprietary lamination—including a VpCI impregnated sealant layer and a foil barrier layer—that yields anti-corrosion properties not previously available. This laminated material is puncture resistant, tear resistant, non-abrasive, non-toxic, and won’t harm non-metal surfaces, such as optic lenses.

    The VpCI chemistry impregnated in the interior layer migrates out of the plastic and forms an invisible gas inside of the bag. This gas is made up of single VpCI molecules that are attracted to the metal surfaces of the firearm. The gas coats these metal surfaces with a one molecule thick layer that stops corrosion before it can begin, and dissipates off of the firearm with no cleaning necessary when you pull it out of the bag.

    ZCORR offers a variety of firearms and ammunition storage products. Their Firearm Storage & Preservation Bag employs a heavy-duty VpCI impregnated and foil lamination with an industrial-grade, reusable Velcro closure. They are available for handguns, rifles and shotguns, with prices starting at $7.99.

    For the ultimate in long-term, anti-corrosion protection, the ZCORR Vacuum Storage & Preservation Bag offers all the same benefits, plus the ability to evacuate all the air from the bag using virtually any vacuum cleaner hose. Again, they are available for handguns, rifles and shotguns, with prices starting at $20.99.

    ZCORR’s Ammo & Parts Pouches are manufactured with a zip closure and a VpCI impregnated clear barrier lamination so you can see the contents. The clear barrier layer ensures years of corrosion protection, and the zip closure makes the pouch waterproof. A variety of sizes are offered, with prices startu=ing at $13.80 for 10 bags. See them at your gun shop, or contact ZCORR Products, Dept. OT; Tel.: (585) 742-3310; Web:
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