Gun Tools For Long Term Wilderness Living.

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  1. Keith H.

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    These are carried in my shot pouch: Turn screw, grease for waterproofing the pan in a small container, screw & pin punch, jaw leathers for securing the gun flint, & two spare gun flints.
    These are carried in my knapsack: Mainspring vice, three spare lock screws, spare lock springs, spare hammer/steel, & a 20 gauge wad punch.
    This copper lead ladle & .60 caliber round ball mould are carried in my shot pouch. I can retrieve spent lead from shot game & remould it.
    This swan shot/Buckshot mould is carried in the bottom of my knapsack.
  2. Arkane

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    All I carry are allen keys and a screwdriver to suit! and my regular cleaning gear!
    My old .308w has seen 6,500 rds through it, other than a few loose screws and regular cleaning it has never needed repairs of any sort!
    My new .308w has seen 250rds through it and I expect to get at least another 6,000rds out of it without repairs!
    Only ever needed spares for one gun and that was a well worn semi-auto .22lr that fractured a firing pin after an extended time of rapid fire, just short of 500rds in 9 minutes!
    I do not expect that to happen again!:mad:
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