Guns, America And Crazy People

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    Guns, America and Crazy People

    We have a problem here in the US with crazy people and terrorists killing unarmed innocent people. The saddest part of it is that it is mostly avoidable and could be fairly easily prevented. The problem is that the liberals are all over protecting the criminal, the terrorists and the just plain evil crazy people while at the same time making sure that the honest good people are defenseless.

    At some point if we are going to stay free and able to live the life that we have taken for granted for so long we are going to have to make some really tough decisions. First off America is for Americans. The Bill of rights only applies to American citizens. People from other countries are in NO WAY entitled to freely come here get on welfare and then attack our ways. I don't know where the liberals got the idea that we are some how responsible for all the poor or lazy people of the world or even the down trodden. The liberals are giving away our children's and grandchildren's futures.

    If all of these people dislike us so much why did they come here and if they don't like it here why don't they just leave?? We HAVE plenty of lazy illiterate people riding our welfare rolls and committing crimes. We don't need to import some more of them. Honestly, what are the job prospects for someone with no education that doesn't speak the common language or understand our customs. They come in with no money no skills, no real interest in becoming Americans and then hate us because we GIVE them everything and it isn't enough. We are STUPID!!!! This is like inviting drug addled criminal or homeless people to come and live in your spare bedroom!

    The gun problem isn't truly a gun problem. It is a people problem. The problem is that the government is all about taking guns from the good people while at the same time protecting the rights of the people that want to hurt other people. The fix would be simple but I'm afraid that you would have to somehow eliminate all the liberals before you could do it. Simply put you need to enable the good people and encourage them to arm and protect themselves while at the same time taking the guns away from criminals and eliminating them from the gun carrying population.

    Any citizen that wants a gun should be allowed to take a basic course in firearms safety and the legalities of using a firearm in defense. There also should be a check to make sure that you have no criminal history. Once done you have a code placed on your drivers license or state issued ID that states that you are allowed to buy and possess firearms. If you are convicted of a crime for which you could receive more than a year in prison, any crime that involves assault and battery including domestic violence, If you are involuntarily committed to a mental institution, Dishonorably Discharged from the military, or if you are ajudicated to be for any reason mentally incompetent.

    Any time ANYONE sells a firearm to another person they are to be legally required to see and take down the number and expiration date on the picture state issued ID of the person that they are selling that weapon to. Selling any gun to anyone without this or knowingly selling to someone that doesn't have that permission should be a felony with a mandatory 2 year prison sentence. Anyone that either doesn't have a permit or who has had it rendered that is caught in possession of a firearm will be place in prison for 5 years. Anyone using a firearm in the c omission of a felony will serve 10 years on top of their sentence for the crime and any second offense is life without parole.

    Most all of the violent crimes are committed by a small minority of people. It is amazing how many people actually commit two or more murders with a short prison time in between. Also attempted murder should be treated exactly the same as murder. Just because you are incompetent or your victim survived by some miracle should not mean that you are rewarded with some short sentence so that you can try again in a couple of years.

    A lot of people right now are screaming for more and stronger gun laws. A sick crazy man walked into a church and killed a bunch of people with an assault weapon. First off understand, he was a convicted fellon with a conviction also for domestic violence and had a dishonorable discharge. It was already illegal for him to have, much less BUY, a gun. The Government dropped the ball and more laws that they won't enforce on anyone except for the good people won't make us safer. The truth it that while one crazy with an assault weapon killed a bunch of people, a good man with an assault weapon stopped the killing and the killer. Without that there is no way to guess how many more good people would have been killed. He wasn't done and also had more in his truck. The only way to make good people safe from bad people is to give them the right and the means to protect themselves while at the same time taking the ones that would do harm to others of the street permanently.

    If you have been convicted of a violent crime if you are ever caught in possession of another gun you should be locked up for the rest of your life. The right of a criminal to get out and commit more violent crimes is NOT and should NEVER be held as more important than a victims right to live and not be harmed.

    I don't give a fat rats behind what race you are or what nation your family came from, or what faith or lack of faith you have. This is America and all people should be treated the same. If for some reason one group seems to be over represented in the criminally convicted maybe they need to look at changing how they are raising their kids and not expect to get special treatment based on a “minority” status. This is about good people and bad people. All races and nationalities are represented on both sides. The good people need to pull together and stop making excuses for the bad people.

    Gun control doesn't work. Texas has an insane number of guns. We like to shoot and hunt and WILL get involved in defending people. We don't have any cities in the top ten for gun deaths. Chicago and Indianapolis both have harsh gun control laws and people are dying like flies from gunshots.

    In places that have mostly eliminated the guns guess what. Bad people are STILL killing good people. A knife or club is just as deadly as a gun in the hands of a person that wishes to do harm against someone that isn't able to defend themselves. LOL, As of September 1st, 2017 Texas has legalized the carry of swords and big honking knives. That gives me options if I am attacked or see someone attacking another person. YES Dear hearts I now carry a sword in my truck along with a gun and a blackthorn shillelagh (Big heavy club).

    If you are not an American you don't need a gun. If you want one then become a citizen. If you aren't and we catch you with one we will throw you out. If you come back we will kill you. We have people killing Americans that have been thrown out 7 or 8 times! ENOUGH. You are not an American and don't have the protection of the bill of rights. THAT is for American Citizens. If you commit a crime and are deported then if you return we must assume that you are here to commit more crimes and we need to put a bullet in you.

    If you are going to come and live in this country then you should first declare your intention to live by OUR customs and rules. If this is not your intention then don't come here. If you come here and then refuse to live by our rules we need to throw you OUT. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    Part two following...
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    Good people deserve to be free from fear. That just can't happen when the criminals have all the rights and none of the responsibilities and the government seems hell bent on disarming them while at the same time importing as many potential terrorists as possible!!

    Our Government is out of control. The media seems hell bent on running the country in the ground and taking over control via lies. Just to make it better we have that little fat freak in North Korea threatening to toss a nuke at us while our illustrious leader engages in twitter combat with other idiots. I look around and realize that sadly our little experiment with letting the idiots run the country is failing. I'm sorry but the idea that a hundred idiots are better able to select our leaders than 10 geniuses is just not working. The idiots keep voting for more free cake and circuses while the foundation of our nation crumbles.

    Basically we need to somehow limit exactly who gets to vote. It would suit me to limit it to veterans. At least they have proven that they will defend the country and so place some value on it. Convicted felons and people that can't feed themselves and can't run their own lives successfully don't need to be helping run the country even to the extent of voting!

    Slowly but at an ever increasing rate the United States are becoming less and less united. The real split actually isn't as much from state to state as it is between the people that live in the really big urban areas just don't understand that the rest of us don't think like them or want to live like them. The liberals live in the huge cities and can't imagine living someplace where you have to take care of yourself and a big Mall isn't 5 miles away. They think everyone should use mass transit and don't understand that there is NO such thing out in the big rural areas. We don't have cops, mass transit or fire departments except those that we provide for ourselves. If we get hurt our best bet is to jump in the truck and go to the nearest hospital. Calling an ambulance may be a waste of time when you live down a bunch of dirt roads with almist no signs. Even the advent of GPS hasn't helped us. Delivery people still can't find us except for UPS and the mail man. There is no delivery pizza for us we live in a totally different world than someone in a big city and LIKE IT THAT WAY.

    I think this is pretty common world wide to some extent. At some point we the workers of the world are going to have to wake up and stop the liberal urban idiots from destroying this world. The only good news, sad and bad as it is, is that if they push us into a war the bombs will fall mostly on THEM. That is the way it always goes. The Roman empire fell when Rome became to rotten to survive and fell to the barbarians. Our inner cities are nearly all rotten in the core. At one time a young man was safer on the battle fireld in Iraq than he would have been on the streets of our capital after dark.

    Like him or not Trump was elected by the American people. Now both parties along with the media are trying to find a way to throw him out. The politicians hate him because he isn't one of them. If they manage to toss him that is the end of free elections in America. What is the point if then the politicians and media will toss them out so why vote...

    Let's all hope that we can pull away from the edge...
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    Your making too much sense FBI may be watching you.
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    You joke but I've been on their list for over 40 years. Opinions, knowledge or even having the wrong friends or political affiliations can get you looked at hard. Fortunately so far none of it is against the law. Basically as long as they don't decide to throw out the constitution and bill of rights I stay on the good side of sedition. Expecting and/or preparing for or government to either collapse or betray the people is not the same as trying to either cause or encourage it to happen.

    Our system has some serious problems but even with that said it has been the most successful and in general the best for the majority of people that live here that I can think of. The only thing that could be better would be a dictatorship by as truly caring and benevolent leader that could live forever. There have been a few good dictators in history but they always die and their replacements are never as good.

    The original system that our forefathers set up here was nearly perfect. Unfortunately over time we changed it until it now actually only slightly resembles the original intent or system. You know things are messed up when people like Clinton actually propose allowing people IN prison to vote and still be a viable candidate.

    The Democrats can't understand how Trump got elected. DUUUHHH!! Thank the great cabbage they didn't get in power if they are that stupid!! 40% of the American people before the election LOATHED Clinton. almost 10% loved Trump and 25% are hard core Republicans irregardless of what they run. This gave Trump almost half of the votes.

    Almost half of the Democrats loved Clinton. 35% or more loved Bernie Sanders. A lot of them would vote for the Antichrist with horns and tail if he was the Democratic candidate. The Democrats now are admitting that they put the fix on the Democratic primary. They weren't sneaky about it and everyone with any sense knew this. That just infuriated the Sanders supporters.

    On election day the people that loathed Clinton and the hardcore Republicans went out and voted. A lot of the Democrats that had been screwed over by the Democrat primary system just stayed at home and a few even went and voted for Trump.

    In the end this flux made it almost impossible for her to win the election. The popular vote had nothing to do with it. She could win 100% of the votes in the big cities and even 100% of the votes in the totally leftest liberal states and that doesn't add a single vote to her in the final electoral vote. A state has just so many electoral votes and the winning candidate gets the same number whether they win by 1% or 90%. Trump understood this and ran a campaign that played to this while Clinton ran a campaign based on entitlement.

    Obama was elected because he was black and people were in love with the idea and anyone that said anything bad about him was branded a bigot. Clinton was positive that she would be elected because she was a woman and if you didn't vote for her or if you said anything bad about her you were sexist. Unfortunately for her and the Democratic party she is a hard person to like and Trump is going to say whatever he thinks and doesn't cower down to stupid political correctness. He called her crooked Hillary and didn't treat her like a lady. He treated her like a candidate! If Obama had been treated like a candidate he would never have been elected but instead everyone was afraid to say anything bad about him. WHAT STUPIDITY!!

    I knew Clinton couldn't win. The REAL numbers just weren't there. Trump wasn't so much elected by who voted for him as by who didn't vote at ALL.
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    When they take guns from legal owners then only the goverment and the wrong people will have them THINK PEOPLE THE LAWS WERE PUT THERE TO PROTECT US FROM THE GOVERMENT WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTROL THEM NOT THEM CONTROLING US. VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION THE WAY YOU FEEL HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE. There are several million firearns legaly owned with trillions of rounds held by legal people if we were a problem you would know it THINK its about control!!
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