Hardening Your Home.

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  1. Sonofliberty

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    Ok, let's start with doors.

    Ram resistant doors.

    First,If the doors have windows replace them,with solid heavy wood,or metal doors with peep holes.

    Additional security can be had by changing from wooden door frames to metal ones.

    Make sure all the hardware screws are replaced with ones that are a minimum 3"or longer.

    For each exterior door buy an extra pair of hinges,that you can remove the hinge pins from(Interior door hinges).Mount the hinges on the handle/latch side of the door,and frame opposite of the upper and lower hinges.Replace each hinge pin with a #1 Phillips/skinny cross head screwdriver,or bolt that will slip freely in and out of the hinge.
    The door will have to be utterly destroyed to breach it.

    This should also be done to an interior door to a room as a last defense/safe room(Bathroom for for tub defense). Make sure to replace said door with a solid core door.

    If you see Police breach/ram a door(YouTube),it's always the latch/handle side to give way first.

    This will actually harden a good door against breaching as well,if not better than a cross bar.
    Not that you shouldn't add a crossbar or two.

    A lockable screen door with "ornamental iron" and a double sided deadbolt gives you an extra layer an assailant has to deal with to even get to your door. Add bells or chimes for audible warning, in case of power "failure". Especially if you are one of those people who won't get a dog.

    If you can't afford a better door,you can cut a section of PVC lattice to fit the door and screw it on with washers.This will add flexible strength to the door so it can't be bowed beyond what the PVC will stretch.

    I have gotten very busy the last few days, so we will discuss roofs and vents in later posts.
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  2. TMT Tactical

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    Good post. I had not thought about the opposite side door hinges. The screwdriver used as hinge pins is another excellent idea. Thanks for the great pointers.
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  3. GrizzlyetteAdams

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    Bravo!!!! I love these pointers for hardening doors. I would have never thought of installing extra hinge protection like that. Will do!

    Thank you, SonofLiberty for an excellent post.

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  4. Ystranc

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    You can fit any number of these mortise bolts. None retractable ones for the hinge side of the door, retractable with a key for top, bottom and latching/locking side. You can't fit them to a fire door though.
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  5. TexDanm

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    A steel door with a heavy deadbolt lock on four points makes it really hard to kick. If done right you will basically have to use a battering ram to knock out the entire frame rather than just the door. A door is only as strong as the frame that it is installed in.
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  6. Old Geezer

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    If living in a frame house, remember that you can use sandbags inside your home.

    Paving bricks and large garden wall blocks can be used as inside barricades / bullet-proof walls.

    There are clear laminates that cover glass to keep it from shattering. To keep Molotov cocktails from coming through, to keep teargas canisters out. Helps to have pressure treated boards to put up against windows. Boards can have peep view openings, small.

    Ceramic tiles can be laminated between boards to yaw bullets. Use also fiber layers (multiple blankets) and gravel layers to make bullet-proof barriers. Casters can be added to these barriers to make them portable. Even aluminum 1/4" thick sheets can aid in yawing bullets.

    Have gas masks and many LARGE fire extinguishers. Have water hoses on the INSIDE of your home. Sinks will have to have adapters so that hoses can be screwed on.

    Store high energy green lasers to blind attackers. Must have the goggles to protect your own eyes and the eyes of your family. Remember, federal agents have a history of killing the children of those who oppose government.

    Smoke grenades are important for concealment if you can't have cover. You may have to do whatever to keep your family from being murdered by federal agents. Local cops can be paid off, state congressmen can be paid off (my dad and his friends paid off the local congressmen), however the Feds are a totally different matter.
  7. Sonofliberty

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    LOL, you are getting ahead of me because I have been so busy.
  8. Sonofliberty

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    Exterior Defense

    1)If you are thinking of using raised flower beds as bullet stops,and barriers.
    You will want to slope them at at a 45┬░angle or so,and face/cover the slope with decorative rock/brick/broken up concrete pieces. The angled hard surface will absorb,and deflect rounds from most small arms, and take away most of their punch.

    2)Outer perimeter raised beds can also prevent a vehicle from getting close,and being used for cover. They should also NOT be hardened,so you can shoot back through the barrier and hit the assailants/targets seeking "cover"
    They should be sharp triangle shaped,with the point facing away from any place you might be returning fire from the house. IE, the base of the triangle should face the house. The sides should be flankable from inside the home by moving to different interior firing positions. Also remember, in WROL, there will be nothing to stop you from deploying booby traps.(disclaimer, do not "mantrap" before we descend into WROL. You will go to prison in most jurisdictions)
    It's a good idea to have the sections facing away sloped and pointed,so that they cant be used by an enemy as a firing position against you.
    They should also be less than 6' apart,to prevent vehicle passage.

    3) Drainage ditch. Build your own "moat" by digging a drainage ditch in front or even all around your property. The ditch should have an easy slope on the side away from your home, with a nearly 90 degree slope on the side towards your home. After WROL starts, fill the ditch with "caltrops" which will destroy tires and the feet of any attackers. These work really well if the caltrops are covered with water in the ditch.

    4)Books are your friend.
    As cover,if the walls are stick/wood framed,or cement block.Neither are very much in the way of resistance against against a rifle round.

    If you have full book shelves on the interior of those walls,it will add a minimum of threat level 3A resistance to those walls. That is if you stack the books with bindings out like at a library. If you stack them flat and interlaced in multiple layers, the level of protection goes up. You didn't really need an excuse to build your library did you ;)

    If you have block walls,and can access the top through the attic,fill them with sand.(This will also add to the insulating of the walls as well as bullet threat value).


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  9. Old Geezer

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    Great stuff there, LibertyMan!

    Books piled atop heavy tables make for short-term/make-do fallout protection. We have lots of books and shelves in our home. Drainage ditch as moat I hadn't given consideration at all, so big thanx for that idea.

    My parents had a raised rock flower bed in front of and a bit below our living room window (3 1/2' high, it sure was pretty, daisies my mom planted). Could they too have been survivalists?! Remember, Bugsy Siegle caught one in the face from one of several bullets coming through his living room's front window. My dad was involved in gambling operations (less than legal, one could readily say). I hadn't thought of their flower bed in years.

    I always think of how dangerous it is for people to not even put up opaque curtains in their windows facing the road. There's so many crazy people and what with all of the perverts these days -- don't walk out in the open in your underwear. That's what you are doing when walking right in front of your home's windows. In my grandparent's neighborhood there was a fraternity. One of the frat-rats was getting out of the shower wearing only a towel; exposed himself, via a window, to a little girl standing next door in her yard. She screams, runs inside her home. Out comes her dad with his 16 ga. shotgun and puts a load of birdshot into birthday suit boy through frat-house window. Window glass doesn't stop pellets, shot, nor BBs.

    They got Siegel with a .30 M1 carbine, I've read. And glass doesn't stop 110 gr. FMJs either, it is thus proven.

    And as always, I love the Sam Adams quote. The word "Liberty" seems to have been forgotten of late. Great way for a people to lose it if they don't use it.
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