Has anyone seen the movie Food Inc?

Discussion in 'Other Reference Material' started by Deeishere, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Food Inc is a documentary about how animals are cruelly treated. They are abused and placed in cramped surroundings. They seldom get any air and have to walk all over their own feces It made me not want to eat any store bought meat anymore or buy eggs (before we had chickens). I started buying meat and eggs that are organic and mainly from farms that sell their own meat. You can find it on Youtube and it may be on Amazon Prime for free.
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    I want to see it so I will go look for it. I have seen many documentaries on animal cruelty, the things that I have seen done to cows, camels, pigs, chickens, is so beyond in-humane. But you have to think about it, the people who do these cruel things to those animals don't care because when it comes down to life itself, we create right and wrong, we decided that it's wrong to torture animals, but others don't really see it that way.

    It's in-humane, but not wrong, people just don't want to see things like this being done. Many people use these documentaries to get people to convert to vegans, or vegetarians, I don't agree with that, but I don't agree with the cruelty, I think that all of those companies that do these cruel things should be fined and be required to have cameras everywhere, and more regulations.

    Animals should die in peace.
  3. lonewolf

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    I haven't seen it but I have seen similar documentaries. I haven't bought much supermarket meat for nearly 15 years now every since I saw a documentary on Tesco's chickens.
    we are in a good location in that we can buy most of our meat from our local weekly market, eggs we buy from roadside stalls and we grow a lot of our own fruit and veg.
  4. Endure

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    Yes, I saw it. Is atrocious the treatment livestock and other animals that are bred for the purpose of meat. The only way to deal with it is, besides activism, avoid purchasing their products and endorse companies which give a proper treatment to the animals they are breeding.
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