Hate Speech ? Libel ?

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Pragmatist, Oct 5, 2019.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    Per titles......

    My main concern is that she was on a public payroll and in a public school building. My view has less to do with the Confederate Battle Flag and more so with her still being on a public payroll.

    "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil."
    Thomas Mann 1875 - 1955

    The pseudo-school teacher is evil.
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  2. Sonofliberty

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    Let me understand this. Is she saying that the old royal families were Confederates?
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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Son of Liberty,

    Until the Levitical decrees, it was a legitimate form of relationship.

    I can't properly address your question because I consider her a real, bona fide swamp-creature. This has nil to do with the Confederacy, which I would not have supported, but her unlawful activity. She is evil.
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  4. CountryGuy

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    Well that is tolerance on the revisionist left. I find it funny that the Dems scream about racism when they were the party and drivers of racism in this country. What they are in fact are masters of marketing for the fact that they've convinced those they were and are prejudiced against into thinking they're buddies.
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  5. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Country Guy,

    Real good point; exactly on target.

    They mastered the marketing. Forgot who said it: "Perception is reality".

    They won this major battle.
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  6. Morgan101

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    Look up Lyndon Johnson's quote on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is a lot more evidence showing it is true (he did say it) than there is showing it is false.
  7. TexDanm

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    If you are white and NOT ashamed of that fact then you are a racist. If you work hard and live well and are white then you are a racist. If you resist and even fight someone that is black and you are white then you are a racist. If you are tired of your kid getting beat up and robbed of his lunch money at school and you complain then you are a racist. If you can't understand why people are proud of how many times their kids go to prison then you are a racist.

    We have allowed our country to be taken over by people that want to totally destroy our culture and replace it with a culture of immoral and honorless dogma where nobody cares about much of anything except getting what they want. Look at the people that a lot of our kids look up to. So many of them are straight-up criminals. So many of the Rappers are little more than thugs with no talent other than chanting obscenities and doing drugs. Our Universities are teaching our kids that only stupid people actually work and they all want to go out after graduation and be middle managers. You can hardly hire a kid to actually work for you. This country was made great by people that believed in working hard, having honor and being strong but compassionate. Those of us that were raised this way are a dying breed.

    Slowly this country is sinking into a hole that it can't get out of. More and more people fall into the Catagory of too lazy to work, to educated to work, prefer stealing than working, Or like me and are too old to work. We are an aging population. Without workers, the companies are moving their factories out of our country. What is going to happen when we reach the point where there are no workers left? Don't listen to the government's unemployment figures. If you are unemployed for 6 months and your unemployment benefits expire you are considered to have left the workforce and no longer unemployed. It's a game to them.

    This will eventually end in socialism and starvation. Socialism never works for long and the end result will be a bloody revolution.

    There, I've had my daily rant. I feel better...
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  8. Old Geezer

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    "Dang hillbilly will have three Camaros in their front yard, two of them up on blocks."

    How many people can take three worn-out vehicles and turn one of them into a car that can outrun the county deputies?!
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